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Stronger. Faster. Better. The new generation of lacrosse players are built different - and it starts off the field.

Youth players are hitting the rebounder, shooting in the backyard, and doing stick drills - but the truth is strength & conditioning is what's missing for a lot of players to become dominant in today's game.

We've built the program specifically designed for youth lacrosse players to develop the foundational strength, explosive power, and limitless conditioning to not only dominate this season, but become a dominant player for years to come.

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Now's the time to accelerate player development.

I’ll do anything to make the team this year Dad…”

Last season Micheal had been cut from the nearby elite club team. 

He was a good player and loved lacrosse – but it was more about having fun with his buddies than it was competing or becoming the best. 

His dad had seen moments when he’d dominate a game – but admittedly knew he wasn’t ready to make the jump to an elite club or travel team. He had lots of potential, but lacrosse wasn’t a priority, it was just a fun summer activity. 

But this past off-season it was as if a flip had switched. 

It started with more wallball against the house. Then creating drills in the backyard with a rebounder. Then hopping the fence at the local field so he could shoot on nets. 

Suddenly he wasn’t just interested in lacrosse but passionate about being the best player he could be. 

He started going on runs and doing speed drills and workouts that he found on the internet – he wanted to make the club team next year. 

At tryouts his dad saw it all come together. He was miles ahead of where he was last season. With the work he put it in – he had earned a spot on the team. 

“Mikey, you looked great out there buddy.. But we just don’t have a spot for you this year. We’ll keep you in mind if we need an extra player for a travel tournament or something.. But keep up the work for next season!

It was the conversation that all parents and athletes dread – he got cut. 

He had never really wanted it before – so this one cut him deep. The wallball stopped. The backyard drills had ended. He seemed crushed. 

Then conversation came. 

“Dad, I wanna know exactly what I have to do to make the team next year. I need a plan that I can follow exactly 100%. If I make it next summer I know I’ll be able to be a starter for JV when I go to high school in the fall.”

He had the ambition, he just needed the guidance to make it count.

So his Dad reached out to the elite club Coach who broke down his game. Told him a handful of areas he needed to improve to really break out as a player and encouraged him to reach out to Coach Kyle at Relentless. 

I know it might seem young for “strength & conditioning” If you get him training properly at this age it’ll be like pouring rocket fuel on his development. Developing true lacrosse strength and explosiveness would be a gamechanger for him.”

He was right. 

So we met with Micheal & his dad to talk about training and what he had been doing. 

He heard other kids had personal trainers multiple times a week, but the truth was – Micheal  didn’t need this. 

He didn’t need a trainer to push him harder, he had the motivation to put in the work.

He needed a game plan to make sure his work counted.

So that’s what we did.

 We created a 12 week plan that he could follow that would develop not only the foundational strength and power he needed to thrive as an athlete, but also develop the exact attributes that translate most to the field. 

With the right guidance, Micheal’s work started to pay off. 

He started to look like an elite player. He was more explosive, agile, and dynamic. He was strong on the ball. He never seemed to run out of gas. He went from occasional goal scorer to being the goal scorer. 

It started with coaches and other parents joking with the classic “what are you feeding that kid!” 

But the jokes quickly became serious conversations about what he was doing, what camp had he been going to, what coach he worked with – where did he find the edge?

That next season Micheal not only made that elite club, but was an impact player all season that finished 3rd on the team in points. He also was a starter on his JV team in his freshman season, and even played varsity games.  

The truth is, there was no secret sauce. No coach that was going to turn him into an elite lacrosse player. No workout program or secret supplement that magically got him stronger. 

It was Micheal’s hard work applied to the right game plan. 

While we had online programs that had been used by hundreds of hundreds of pros and college players, we decided we needed to create a program like Micheal’s that cut through the fluff and gave youth players exactly what they need to grow. 

They have the ambition, they just need the game plan. 

The Relentless Youth Lacrosse Program was born. 

Since then we’ve had hundreds of ambitious youth players translate their hard work and hustle into true development that gives them not only the advantage over players now, but for the long game.

the relentless
youth lacrosse

Built to accelerate youth lacrosse player's development.  

The Relentless Youth Development Program is Strength & Conditioning program specifically designed for youth lacrosse players (under 15) to develop the strength, power, and athleticism that will allow them to not only skyrocket their development but also get ahead of other players this season.

This 12-week training system has been used by hundreds of players at all levels to develop the physical attributes that truly translate to the field & taking their game to the next level.

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build a body built for lacrosse.

Start making your workouts count. Start training exact attributes that translate to lacrosse.

At Relentless, we build workouts for on-field performance. Delivering the exact Strength & Conditioning lacrosse players need to start moving, performing, and playing better where it counts. We deliver the training that translates.


Create a mobile body with exercises that address structural imbalances & restrictions so that you feel & move better.


Develop impactful  strength that actually that translates on the field & let's you play stronger on and off the ball.


Unlock the power that translates to on-field speed & agility while developing the shot power that leads to goals.


Enhance the athleticism to dominate games with plyo, agility, and footwork drills all designed for next level speed.

hockey workout program on phone

workouts designed for lacrosse players.

The exact workout structure that lacrosse players are using to build their body.

No more fluff, randomness, or bodybuilding style workouts. This is training 2.0 - with full-body and integrative workouts designed to challenge every facet of your body with each workout including:

Pre-Hab & Functional Mobility
Speed & Athleticism
Integrative Strength & Power
Conditioning, Core, & Mobility

12 weeks of optimized training

Get the exact game plan that will get your kid's training on the right track unlocking progressive growth & development.

Random training leads to random results. Maximizing player potential demands strategic training structure.  The 12 Week Relentless Youth Program is strategically designed with 3 distinct phases and progressive weekly workouts built to be continuously pushing players to higher levels.

phase 1: 

elite foundations

Build a body designed for lacrosse. Rewire the body for elite movement patterns. Develop movement fluency. Develop foundational strength.  

phase 2: 

explosive power & strength

Develop the strength & power that translates. Build the foundational strength & the explosive power unlocks more speed & fire power.

phase 3: 

on-field translation

From the gym to the field. Add a deeper layer of lacrosse specificity by developing the exact strength, power, & conditioning that translates on field.

meet your strength coach

The Relentless Youth Program was created by Coach Kyle –  Strength Coach, Lacrosse Performance Specialist, and founder of Relentless Lacrosse. 

Originally working with elite hockey players, Kyle earned a reputation for the training that actually translated to the game and quickly became sought after by local lacrosse pro and NCAA players. 

Combining intensive academic education and thousands of hours working hands on lacrosse players in the gym – Kyle has also worked on-field with elite skills coaches to break down the movement mechanics that can be refined and optimized through Relentless programs.

Kyle has become a go-to authority on performance optimization for lacrosse players and continues to evolve Relentless programs to ensure players have access to the best possible resources to elevate their game.

the most comprehensive program for youth lacrosse players. 

If your lacrosse player has the ambition to take their game to the next level - then now is the time to channel that ambition into development.

The Relentless Youth Power Program is the complete training system that delivers everything players need to eliminate guesswork from  training and get the exact game plan to elevate their game on the field to the next level.


Feature item

36 Unique workouts

Stop repeating the same workout for 4 weeks. We've designed 36 unique workouts so that each week comes with variety & challenge.
Feature item

video demonstrations

With a video library of 250+ exercises, always know the perfect form with an exact demonstration of each exercise in your workouts.
  • Feature item

    Interative pdfs

    No more boring PDFs. Each phase comes with a completely interactive & clickable PDFs.
  • Feature item

    printable tracking copies

    Want to get off your phone at the gym? Bring a printable copy of your workouts and track your progress with each workout.

plus free bonus resources

Becoming an elite lacrosse player goes beyond just workouts, it's becoming relentless with getting better. That's why we've created all the resources you need to truly take your training, lifestyle, and performance to the next level.

elite speed guide for lacrosse

$67.99 Value
  • Feature item
    Over 20 lacrosse-specific speed workouts that are specifically designed to develop elite athleticism and enhance the speed that translates to the field
  • Feature item
    Attack your specific speed needs with workouts focused on quick feet, first steps acceleration, top-end speed and power, change of direction, and multi-directional speed.
  • Feature item
    Complete workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. It doesn't have to be fancy to be effective. We have workouts do with ladders, hurdles, cones, and even just an empty field.

mobility, maintenance & recovery guide for lacrose players

$59.99 Value
  • Feature item
    The complete guide to building a limitless body that delivers the workouts you need to eliminate aches and pains, reclaim range of motion, and optimize your movements.
  • Feature item
    10+ mobility routines including active recovery workouts, functional mobility sessions, and passive stretch-based sequences – each specifically designed for lacrosse players.
  • Feature item
    Complete foam rolling protocols for lacrosse players to release common areas with tension and improve tissue quality.
hockey mobility workout training program

complete conditioning for lacrosse guide

$49.99 Value
  • Feature item
    Over 20 conditioning workouts specifically designed for lacrosse players to have more gas in the take. While others slow down, relentless players dominate.
  • Feature item
    Specifically designed for the energy system demands of lacrosse players with short-burst and high intensity work.
  • Feature item
    Choose your training method with workouts including: outdoor field workouts, bike workouts, treadmill workouts, and HIIT based bodyweight/complex-style workouts.

relentless anywhere guide

$69.99 Value
  • Feature item
    21 Workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. A busy schedule might keep you from hitting the gym, but it should hold you back from getting in a high quality workout. Now you can stay on track with your workouts from home or on the road.
  • Feature item
    Minimalist workouts designed for maximal results. Fit into your busy schedule with short and intense workouts designed to challenge all strength, power, speed, and mobility of lacrosse players.
  • Feature item
    Choose your workout based on your equipment. Workouts designed with just bodyweight, just bands, or just dumbbells – the equipment doesn’t matter, the work does.
at home hockey workout program

peak performance nutrition for lacrosse players

$99.99 Value
  • Feature item
    The most comprehensive nutrition guide for lacrosse players on the market with 55 pages taking a deep dive in everything from hydration, to macronutrients, to eating to gain muscle or lose fat, to optimizing performance and recovery.
  • Feature item
    Maximize your performance on game day with specific nutrition and hydration day protocols and sample meal plans.
  • Feature item
    Learn how to supplement your nutrition for peak performance and recovery with a deep dive into the “must have” supplements for lacrosse players and the protocols for each one. Learn how to take your nutrition to the next level with supplements.

everything you need to transform your game

Becoming an elite lacrosse is more than just following the right workout plan. That's why we created the complete game plan for lacrosse players to get dialled in to peak performance in all areas of their life from training and conditioning to mobility and nutrition - the Relentless Off-Season Program is designed for lacrosse players who are ready to commit to chasing their potential.

what's included: [total value $546]

12 week strength & conditioning program [$197]

Elite speed guide for Lacrosse [$67]

Relentless mobility & maintaince for lacrosse players [$59]

Complete Conditioning for lacrosse players [$59]

Relentless anywhere workout guide [$67]

peak performance nutriton guide [$99]

Member only video & resources to maximize training

Along with this, Coach Kyle and the Relentless team offers on-going support for players to make sure that you're maximizing this off-season and ready to dominate come training camp. It's time you commit to become relentless.


One time payment (USD) with lifetime access & updates!
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it's time to commit to becoming relentless.


If your son or daughter has the ambition to become an elite lacrosse players, then the journey starts with developing the physical foundations that will allow them to maximize their potential and become dominant for years to come.

The Relentless Youth Development Program was built specifically for youth players to accelerate their development by building the athleticism, strength, and power while refining movement quality to build a truly elite athlete.

It's time to turn ambition into development. It's time to start training relentless.

12 Week Workout Program

Built specifically for Youth Lacrosse Players

trusted & used by 750+ lacrosse players


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One time payment (USD) with lifetime access & updates!


What exactly do I get with this program?

You’ll have instant access to: 
- Your 12 week program (36 workouts) with both a digital version and printable tracking version.
+ The Elite Speed for Lacrosse guide with 20+ speed workouts. 
+ The Relentless Anywhere Workout guide with 20+ at home workouts. 
+ The Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse Players guide with 25+ conditioning workouts. 
+ The Relentless Mobility & Maintenance Manual with foam rolling, mobility, and active recovery protocols.
+ The Peak Performance Nutrition for Lacrosse guide with 50+ pages of nutritional guidelines including hydration, game day, body composition (losing/gaining weight), and supplements. 

You’ll also get access to the support of our team and Coach Kyle along with any new upgrades or additions to the programs. We’re constantly looking to create new resources to help our players thrive, and once you’re in the Relentless community we truly want to fuel your success. 

Seems expensive, why should I invest in this vs just doing my own workouts?

Many players can train on their own, but the truth is that random training creates random results. Success demands structure. 

Relentless Lacrosse was built to take the guesswork out of lacrosse player’s training and give them the exact structure that’s been refined by thousands of players to be proven to translate to the ice. 

Working with a Strength Coach that understands the specific needs of lacrosse players can cost upwards of $150+ dollars per session or joining a 12 week group training program can easily cost over $2000.

With Relentless Lacrosse, you have access to the exact workouts that pros are paying thousands of dollars for.

What kind of exercises are included?

Admittedly, a lot of these exercises will be new for a lot of athletes.

This isn’t just a classic bodybuilding style workout where you’ll see 3 sets of squats and lunges. Relentless programs are loaded with integrative exercises that challenge you with unconventional movements. 

You’ll have a Youtube Playlist with demonstrations of each exercise in that days workout so that you’ll always know exactly what to do.

What kind of equipment do I need?

This Relentless Youth program was designed to be performed with a super basic gym setup. We don't believe in big fancy gym setups or the flashy equipment.

While some players use a community rec centre or commercial gym, we've actually had an equal amount of players do this program at their home or garage gym. This program doesn't require machines or squat racks. All we need is:  dumbbells, cables/bands, kettlebells (can use DBs instead), a bench, a stability ball, and mini-bands.

We also have an exercise substitution guide for any equipment you might not have!

How do I access my programs?

Immediately after purchase you’ll have access to our members-only platform that contains all of your training programs and bonus resources. You’ll have lifetime access to this platform and will be able to come back any time to download your programs or get updated versions/new resources.

What if I’m not happy with the program or results?

We stand by our programs 100%. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Having seen thousands of players train with Relentless, we know lacrosse players who truly invest in this program and their training get results. But if you start this program and it’s not for you, just contact our team within 30 days and we’ll send you a full refund. 

What age of player is this for?

This program was designed for players under 15. While older players can and have used this program - we typically recommend they move to one of our more advanced programs if they have gym experience.


Declan M.

Canton, OH | NCAA Division 1

This off-season was the most productive I've ever had. My speed has improved, I've gained some muscle, and my body feels fantastic (the mobility work is so clutch). I swear this is the first off-season it feels like I actually trained like a lacrosse player and I'm coming back at a whole new level. Can't wait to start this season and share some wins with you guys!

Daniel D.

New Haven, CT | NCAA Division 2

I've been loving this program Kyle! I had done mainly heavy lift style programs in the past, but getting on this has been a game changer. I love that it's a mix of strength, power, and functional work. I really feel like I'm not just training muscle groups but actually "connecting" things for the first time & can really feel it in my speed and shooting work.


Jersey City, NS| College (ACHA)

This off-season has been huge for my game. My Coach told me last year that I had to get stronger to play more aggressive - and so I made it the priority that this off-season I'd focus on strength & condition more. Finding this program has truly been incredible. I love that it wasn't just heavy lifts but exercises I knew would get me stronger and more powerful on the field. My coaches have said I'm playing more confident and finding more offensive opportunties & I really credit my off-season training with your guys' programs.

Jamie B.

Garden City, NY | NCAA Division 1

Hey Kyle, just wanted to share some thanks to you and the Relentless team! I used the relentless program to prepare for my first season of d1 lacrosse. I really wanted to get focused with my training and earn game time my freshman season. All the coaches have said how impressed they were with my game & I really credit it a lot to the work I put in this summer. I've played every game this season (they originally said I'd play half) and I'm top 5 in points. Can't say enough good things about Relentless & will be training again next off-season!

Lauren P.

Springfield, MA | Elite Juniors

Our team strength coach sent our WOMEN'S lacrosse team the exact program as the football team.. that when I knew I had to take my training into my own hands if I was gonna get ahead. Finding Relentless has been a god send! It's the first program I felt like is actually built for lax players. I'm already starting to notice little things on the field like faster cuts and cleaner dodges. Can't thank you guys enough!

Micheal S.

Avon, CT| Prep School

Hey Coach! Just wanted to give you an update.. I've started my first 3 game this season and feel incredible out there (after not getting much time last season). My coaches all say I'm a different player this year and way tougher to play against. I swear my power and speed are at a whole new level & I know it was my work in the gym with relentless!