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It's time to transform your training & take your speed to the next level.

At Relentless Lacrosse, we specialize in Strength & Conditioning for Lacrosse Players - and after working with 1000s of lacrosse players, we know the training that truly translates to the field.

We're offer free access to 5 downloadable workouts specifically designed for lacrosse players to transform their training & unlock game changing speed on the field.

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the speed masterclass for lacrosse players

learn how to take your speed to the next level.


Get a quick feet workout specifically designed to develop faster steps and more agility on the field.

Workout #2: unlocking speed that translates

Learn how to optimize your movement mechanics so that you can immediately unlock more explosive movements.

workout #3: elite hockey speed & athleticism

Get a speed & athleticism workout designed to challenge multi-directional speed & change of direction.

workout #4: stretching & ability for optimized mechanics

Get the stretching & mobility routines designed to optimize sprint mechanics & start playing lower and more fluid.

workout #5: Strength & power for speed

Get the access to a gym workout designed to develop the strength & power that translates to speed on the field!

coach kyle hockey training

meet your lacrosse strength coach

The Size & Strength Program was created by Coach Kyle –  Strength Coach, Lacrosse Performance Specialist, and founder of Relentless Lacrosse. 

Originally working with elite hockey players, Kyle earned a reputation for the training that actually translated to the game and quickly became sought after by local lacrosse pro and NCAA players. 

Combining intensive academic education and thousands of hours working hands on lacrosse players in the gym – Kyle has also worked on-field with elite skills coaches to break down the movement mechanics that can be refined and optimized through Relentless programs.

Kyle has become a go-to authority on performance optimization for lacrosse players and continues to evolve Relentless programs to ensure players have access to the best possible resources to elevate their game.